Monday, 7 December 2009

l.e.d playtime..

Design time....At the moment I’m thinking about making a garment combining new technologies such as led lighting with lazar cut fabric perhaps after being digitally printed.
I though I would start off by seeing how different fabrics react to my L.E.D lighting….

After taking the pictures I’ve started to think about creating shadow I really like the textures created from the illumination, however looking at shadow is going to be a big subject to tackle….perhaps something to look at in my next project

Lazar cutting...

Now i'v had a play around with photography i'v started to think about manipulating these images agging more layers and introducing new technologys......
i started off by didgitally printing some of my images onto a polyester and then having a go at the lazar cutter engraving and mirroring images onto my textile piece.

A few more of my experiments drawing with light capturing movement in an unique way.